All roads lead to Mexico.

Two years ago I promised my friend @RZVLA73 I was going to paint something for him to display at  his Architecture firm “usoarquitectura” in Mexico City. I’m from Mexico as well but have been living in Vancouver for six years. I visit my country at least twice a year and on each trip he reminded me the promise I made. Finally last month while I was visiting I decided to fulfill my promise and I painted this watercolor whose name translates to “What the Road Thinks About”.

Considering all the time my friend waited, I wanted the artwork to be on a large format. I couldn’t find larger watercolor paper. This one is 22 x 30″ (56 x 76 cm).


2 thoughts on “All roads lead to Mexico.

    • Thanks for your comment. I appreciate fellow artists visits to my blog. This is the first time I paint a bigger watercolor and I must say that, although it was fun, it was also a challenge.

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