Nebula: Dream of the Egg

Reading Vancouver based Inform Interiors‘ blog, I learned about a video competition organized by Bocci (contemporary design company). Filmmakers were invited to submit a video on “the making of” a fried egg. I thought this was a fun exercise and I sent my entry, which didn’t win but hey! it came in 2nd place.

The video is 30 seconds long and, as the title suggests, it tells the intimate story of an egg and its voyage to “become”.

Watch it here:

There are a million ways to film the frying of an egg, my intention was to show the beauty of the process and how form speaks loudly about the spirit of an object (or being).

This was a very small production where I functioned as a conceptualizer, camera operator and editor. Props to Candice Mackinnon for being a great P.A.

Music is by Philip Glass, Etude No. 2 (fragment), and the images come from Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day website. I hope they don’t mind being part of the dream of an egg.


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