Kaleidoscopic Mood of a Bench Scraper

This is what happens when a cloud of insects come to the city during a kaleidoscopic bench scraper storm. Enjoy. Only 20 seconds.


Three Dee Doodling

I’m in my mid 30’s and I confess that I enjoy playing with children toys, specially with building and construction sets. I don’t own many of these sets, however, once in a while I come across one I must have. That happened to me at the Seattle Art Museum Store, where  I bought my  ShapeScapes (I’ve carried it with me to parties and to the beach. It even visited a daycare center).

Because it has been two years since I purchased them and I still open the box often to build something, I decided to celebrate this great toy by making a series of short videos called “Three Dee Doodling” where I’ll be documenting my play with ShapeScapes. Here’s the first video. Enjoy.

Nebula: Dream of the Egg

Reading Vancouver based Inform Interiors‘ blog, I learned about a video competition organized by Bocci (contemporary design company). Filmmakers were invited to submit a video on “the making of” a fried egg. I thought this was a fun exercise and I sent my entry, which didn’t win but hey! it came in 2nd place.

The video is 30 seconds long and, as the title suggests, it tells the intimate story of an egg and its voyage to “become”.

Watch it here:

There are a million ways to film the frying of an egg, my intention was to show the beauty of the process and how form speaks loudly about the spirit of an object (or being).

This was a very small production where I functioned as a conceptualizer, camera operator and editor. Props to Candice Mackinnon for being a great P.A.

Music is by Philip Glass, Etude No. 2 (fragment), and the images come from Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day website. I hope they don’t mind being part of the dream of an egg.

I love a fancy breakfast

Sometimes it’s difficult to leave bed and dress up all nice just to go out for breakfast (especially in a city where they stop serving breakfast at noon). Still, I want a beautiful and delicious breakfast. What to do then? Well, get the eggs to the steamer.

Rouxbe introduced me to this new (to me) way to cook eggs. It’s not just very easy, but quick and fancy dancy. I mean, just look at this picture:

Steamed Eggs with sausage, basil and tomato sauce.

After the lesson was published, I made this video using the footage from the lesson. It’s basically a lesson give away, just fast paced. Take a look and next time when you want good home made breakfast, make some yummy steamed eggs. Click here or on the image to watch the 40 sec. video.

Sex and Mashed Potatoes

The story is short: I was at the Rouxbe Online Cooking School’s editing room checking the (gorgeous) footage for the upcoming “Steaming” lessons. While scrolling on a close up shot of mashed potatoes, Joe Girard, the co-founder of the company, entered the room and fell in love with the clip. He said: “Give me 30 seconds of that and I’ll put it on our blog.”

Here’s the link to the video. Hope you drool as we usually do on filming days.

The Windows of the Gallery

The Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver (CAG), asked me to make a “simple but snappy” 30 second video for their blog. So I took the camera, record some footage on a Saturday morning and made this piece for them.

Music by Matt McFarland

The CAG is the only independent public art gallery located in downtown Vancouver (555 Nelson St).  Worth more than 1 visit. Especially since their exhibitions never fail to impress and provoke.

2010 New Year Greetings

This is the story: I wanted to send the people I know a Happy New Year card but I ran out of time. It was already mid December so video was the way to deliver good wishes on time. I used footage I shot with a digital camera at the Vancouver Aquarium on 2008. Music is Edith Piaf’s “La Foule”.
This is the English version:

And the Spanish version: