Portrait from White Shadows

I absolutely believe this is a scene from another dimension, one  we can’t understand or even interpret. This might not be the full picture, just what our limited human senses can experience. No matter how much we can expand, our humanity sets our limitations. There are worlds which remain a mystery.

Portrait from White Shadows 5 x 7" Mixed Media

Portrait from White Shadows
5 x 7″ Mixed Media


Proust In the Belly of a Giant Mite

This is my favorite of all the paintings and drawings I’ve made. The story behind it is simple: years ago, I bought Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, which is considered a master piece. I tried to read it but I found it boring so, instead of finishing the book, I worked on this collage. Anyway, thank you Marcel Proust for the inspiration.

Mixed Technique on Paper

Lindsay Lohan goes to Jail

The only thing the following piece has to do with its own title is time. I was thinking how to name the piece while, suddenly, an avalanche of tweets were talking about Lindsay Lohan going to jail. I let superficiality to win the game of naming the artwork. Sorry, Lindsay. I think you should be going to Yale, instead.

Revisting: A fish, knives and some business.

The only connection these drawings have is that they were fun to draw. Especially the Bubble Fish, which is based on a tale I made up for my nephew.

“Once upon a time there was a knight who tried to defeat an evil dragon. The knight walked into the dragon’s cave decided to kill him. However, instead of finding a dragon, he found an intelligent and magic fish. The dragon was an illusion created by the fish.”

Nocturnal Fantasy of a Toddler Dress

This piece is from a series created for VELVET (exhibition at Havana Gallery, Vancouver), and represents the forces of life pulling is in opposite directions creating the illusion of balance.
Velvet is a group art exhibition presented by the Avenue for Arts at Havana Gallery, 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.


Mixed Media on wood panel. 20″ x 24″.