The ghost of the past is a bull #throwbackthursday

To join the social media hashtag #throwbackthursday I’m summoning some of The Bulls water-colour series. The Bulls are at least 6 years old. I can recall when I was painting them, the table I was working at, the materials and even the feeling of the brush on the paper while adding water & colors. I also remember I made them all in one evening (and some failed attempts in the bunch, of course). Memories can be so vivid.

bull_and_ruins1 bull_and_rocket_fish1 bull_and_city1





Daniela’s Laboratory of Visuals is now on Facebook



It happened: I created a Facebook Page to share my artwork. Check it out, I’ll be posting mostly my recent work -some visits to the past as well, but the past is the past, my friends.


You can Like (or dislike) the page here.




Portraits and the rain

Is Spring yet? Watercolor & Ink 22" x 15"

Is It Spring yet?
Watercolor & Ink
22″ x 15″

Vancouver is known for being rainy. No surprise there. This year I’ve been making portraits inspired in that sunny-windy-cloudy-rainy season called Spring. More portraits can be seen on my official website